VEK - Electric boiling water heater
Luke-warm or boiling hot water - Hot water in the split of a second
  • 5 liter storage capacity
  • Temperature limiter
  • Unrestricted cold water inlet

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Luke-warm or boiling hot water: the VEK supplies hot water to the kitchen sink within the split of a second with a temperature infinitely variably set between 30°C and the boiling point. Once the desired temperature is reached, the appliance automatically cuts off.

Easy and safe operation

The VEK offers special comfort thanksto the automatic interval boiling function: when the water cools down, the VEK automatically switches on again. The VEK 5 L indicates by humming that the set temperature has been reached. A temperature limiter provides the required safety: if the water boils off unnoticed by the user, the VEK automatically cuts off.

Perfectly fits into the kitchen

Thanks to its low height, the neutral colours and its modern, easy-care design, the VEK perfectly fits into the kitchen.

Product features VEK
Especially low height thanks to the integrated fittings 5 liter storage capacity
Infinitely adjustable temperature control Temperature limiter
Automatic interval boiling function Unrestricted cold water inlet
Additional features of VEK 5 L
20% more output Humming when the desired temperature is reached