VEN - for low hot water demand
VEN 5 - a small storage water heater and an ideal solution where only small quantities of hot water are required
  • VEN 5 exclusiv with high quality copper water tank
  • For above and below-sink installation
  • Energy-saving setting at 60°C

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The small storage water heaters VEN 5, with the srorage capacity of 5 liters, are an ideal solution where only small quantities of hot water are required. In the kitchen for dishwashing or in the bathroom to wash hands: the VEN 5 guaratees energy-saving supply of domestic hot water thanks to the short pipework and a highly efficient CFC-free thermal insulation made of EPS shells. The sink storages are offered in two different lines: the premium VEN 5 exclusiv is equipped with a high-quality robust water tank made of copper while the basic appliance VEN 5 classic is equipped with a synthetical water tank.

Compact conveniences offered by VEH 10 U

Depending on demand, the appliances can be offered as an above-sink version VEN 5 O or a below-sink version VEN 5 U. Thanks to their attractive design their outer appearance always suits the ambience. If installed in extremely cold rooms, the appliances are protected against frost damages thanks to the automatic frost protection.

Comfortable and efficient

The VEN 5 meets the most exacting demands to comfort thanks to its infinitely variable temperature range adjustable between 7 and 85 °C. The appliances operate particularly efficiently with the energy-saving setting at 60°C. At the same time, this temperature guarantees that scaling is minimized. The activable scalding protection offers additional safety to the user. The stand-by energy consumption was reduced by more than 5% to up 0,22 kWh/24h.

Quick installation

These appliances offer extremely comfortable installation: already existing appliances can be easily and comfortably replaced - already mounted supports can be used and the VEN 5 is directly connected to the power mains by means of its connecting cable with the shockproof plug. Complicate wiring is not necessary. Cables which are let into the appliance from below can be easily hidden thanks to the spare cable space.

Product features VEN 5
Open-outlet storage water heater VEN 5 exclusiv with high quality copper water tank
VEN 5 classis with synthetical water tank For above and below-sink installation
Water temperatuere can be set from 7-85°C Energy-saving setting at 60°C
Scalding protection can be activated CFC-free thermal insulation
Frost protection Low stand-by losses