auroMATIC 570
New solar control: auroMATIC 570
  • Complements any existing heating system with an autonomous control of the solar-assisted water heating, backup heating and heating swimming pools
  • Flexible use for up to two collector fields and two storage or a memory and a swimming pool
  • High comfort due to individually adjustable daily and weekly programs and additional functions
  • Always well informed by the display of the operating state and the solar yield on the display
  • Control of foreign peak load devices

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auroMATIC 570


As a cost-effective controller the solar regulator auroMATIC 570 is recommended. The innovative controller operates independently, it is also suitable for solar supported hot water prepration with on-demand reheating function. 

It can be easily connected to two storages or a storage with a swimming pool.  

Easy of use:

  • Simple rational and click operation as all known regulators of Vaillant.
Hot water comfort
Control Solar hot water preparation rationaly controlled with auroMATIC 570
Easy of use
Operating elements Simple turn/click operation with the rotary knob as on all controllers from Vaillant.
Installation Possibility to connect second storage tank or a swimming pool.
Product properties controls unit auroMATIC 570 auroMATIC 620
Nominal voltage V 220-230 220-230
Frequency Hz 50 50
Power consumption max. W 3.5 3
Breaking capacity   250 V AC 2A 250 V AC 2A
Operating temperature (min./max.) °C 0-40 0-40
Protection degree IP IP 20 (z. B. X4D) IP 40 as per DIN 40050