climaVAIR exclusive
Vaillant’s climaVAIR exclusive heat pumps are a feature packed range for the ultimate in domestic air heating comfort.
  • High wall mono split systems
  • Heating, cooling, fan and dry mode
  • Generates UV rays which inhibit bacterial growth (plus model only)

Overview Features and benefits

climaVAIR exclusive

As well as the three stage filtration and de-ionisation as standard, the exclusive range further enhances the air quality with an ultra violet bacteria reducing modulet. climaVAIR exclusive’s modern thin 165mm flat-fronted design with it’s unique concealed vent operation offers the perfect solution for homes, offices and shops.

Functions include remote setting of temperature and operating mode, fan speed, louvres, timer and sleep function and air quality settings. climaVAIR exclusive has bright white display for easy identification of the settings and temperatures.

climaVAIR exclusive high wall mono split system models

Mono inverter air to air heat pumps: A range of 2 models with heat outputs from 3.6kW to 4.5kW.

Features and benefits
4 modes Heating, cooling, fan and dry mode
Auto-operation Automatic activation in the appropriate mode (HEAT - COOL - DRY), by adjusting its operation to the ambient temperature. The user can also select the desired airflow
Filtration Three stage filtration (anti-dust, anti-bacterial and anti-odour) for improved air quality
Ionizer Negative ion generator which as well as being beneficial for well-being and the environment, also neutralises odours, provides freshness and reduces contamination (performance and plus models only)
UV Generator Generates UV rays which inhibit bacterial growth (plus model only)
Auto-restart function After power cuts this function ensures the system restarts with the same settings (as those in force prior to power supply interruption)
Silent operation Lowers the internal fan speed to provide reduced noise levels
Hot start function Only starts the internal fan when the battery is hot to prevent cool air discharge
Outdoor valve protector Protects the valves on the outdoor unit from exposure to the elements