Company Profile

The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with 140 years of tradition.

Our core business is heating technology. With annual sales of approximately €2.3 billion, the Vaillant Group is the second-largest European company in this branch. In addition, the Vaillant Group is active in the branches of ventilation and air-conditioning technology. With more than 12,000 employees we develop and manufacture our products at 12 sites in six European countries and China. The Vaillant Group sells them via own sales companies in more than 20 countries. Furthermore, we export our products in more than 60 countries.

The Vaillant Group organisation

The organisation of the Vaillant Group stands out for its clear assignment of responsibilities and flat hierarchies, which enable decisions to be taken and implemented speedily. The basis of the company's organisational alignment are our brands, which are clearly positioned in their respective market segments.

Customer orientation, flexibility, speed and a high demand on quality are the company's main factors of success. In addition, synergies within the Vaillant Group are used consistently and must be guarantee to be applied in the best possible way.

The Vaillant Group in figures

The Vaillant Group has been active in the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology sectors for 140 years. As a family-owned company, we count sustainable, long-term thinking and acting among our main factors of success.

We offer energy-efficient products and systems worldwide. Our success proves that we are right: In the challenging market environment of 2012, the Vaillant Group has reinforced its strong position as the second-largest company in the European heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. With net sales of €2,331 million, we have been able to exceed the previous year’s performance. We have also been successful in increasing our market share in important markets and business segments.

Vision and values of Vaillant Group

We aim to be the leading provider of environmentally friendly, energy-saving heating, cooling and hot water solutions that are simple to operate. Our goal is sustainable and profitable growth for our family-owned company. Our vision is the basis of the company's strategy. With this objective-setting we aim to ensure growth and increase the company value. Our focus here is on energy-efficient systems.

Our activities in this sector already make a considerable contribution to the sales of the Vaillant Group. Due not least to the politically and socially driven expansion of environment-friendly technologies, we expect positive developments in this sector to continue. Reliability, continuity and trust are the qualities that link family-owned companies with consumers and also job applicants. A corporate policy focused on long-term development is characteristic of many successful family companies.

The Vaillant Group has been in family ownership since its founding 140 years ago. The owners assume entrepreneurial responsibility in our Partners' Board, Supervisory Board and the Partners' Meeting.

The company strategy is laid down by the Management Board in close consultation with the Partners' Board. The focus is not on short-term success, but on the long-term increase of the company's value. Principles of good and responsible company management are an essential element of our strategy and fundamental for the cooperation within the Vaillant Group and between the Management Board and the supervisory bodies. So logically the Vaillant Group fulfils the German Corporate Governance Code in its version of 6 June 2008.

The basis of our success is committed employees and a corporate culture based on common values.