atmoTEC plus and turboTEC plus


First class comfort for your home, new buildings and modernisation projects The atmoTEC plus & turboTEC plus range can be used in buildings ranging from single family houses up to industrial buildings. They can be connected in a cascade formation and combined with warm water storages. The plus range is also the ideal modernisation solution. The new generation of boilers is the first choice in all residential houses as they are even easier to install and operate

Top design - also for installation and use

  • ust have a look at the new design: the new developed casing consists of three parts which facilitates maintenance, since the appliance can be accessed quicker and installed easier in niches.
  • The adjustable bracket ensures an easy installation of the appliance on the wall - it can be put into the right position without complications.
  • The front flap with a handle as well as the ergonomic knobs and the illuminated display are newly designed and make the handling of the appliance practical and extremly convenient.

Improved safety and monitoring function

Additional sensor functions in the appliance increase its "intelligence". The atmoTEC plus has a newly developed flue gas sensor system, our new atmoGuard. With this open flue control we managed to improve its predecessor which was already known as the best in the market. A reliable operation is ensured and any failures in the systems are detected automatically and reported to the DIA-system. Furthermore, these functions allow the appliance to be connected to our wide range of control systems.

Features of atmoTEC plus & turboTEC plus at a glance

atmoTEC plus turboTEC plus
Output versions of 24, 28 and 36 kW as heating appliance Output versions 24, 28, 32 and 36 kW as mixed unit for heating
Warm start function Quick installation due to adjustable wall bracket and pipe cut-out
Easy maintenance due to three piece casing Maximum ease of handling
Very quiet operation Ideal for modernisation as well as new construction
Combinable with water storage range for even higher warm water demand Combinable with solar system and with our full range of controls and room thermostats.