atmoTEC pro and turboTEC pro


A reliable friend - Pro range is easily and quickly installed The pro range is easily and quickly installed, even in the smallest spaces. All components can be directly accessed from the front of the appliance, thereby simplifying maintenance and repair work. The innovative operating concept makes it easily accessible for the user and the installer alike. The appliance information display can be easily handled thanks to its large non-slip knobs and information display. The reduced dimensions and weight make it fit everywhere in your home. It is totally flexible in fitting. The improved technology will not only present you with the well-known quality and high standard of Vaillant appliances - but rather we prove once again that we are able to improve what was already known to be excellent!

Chose the atmoTEC pro / turboTEC pro and just forget about your boiler... just enjoy the comfort of German innovative technology!

Features of atmoTEC pro & turboTEC pro at a glance

atmoTEC pro turboTEC pro
Output capacity:24 kW Compact dimensions, low weight
Suitable also for solar installation Combinable with control technology
Easy and quick installation User-friendly and reliable operation