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ecoTEC plus

Condensing technology "Made in Germany" - for a high-efficiency well-being

  • • Highly efficient and economical to run: Efficiency upto 94 % Hs / 109 % Hi
  • Saves upto 30% on energy cost
  • Modulation range 15% - 100% - Continuous automatic combustion.
  • Built in 2 stage frost protection to ensure optimal performance all year
  • Less energy consumption in terms of gas and power.
  • Fewer CO2-emmission, environmental friendly
  • Almost instant (5 seconds) hot water delivery as required, without the need for a storage tank or cylinder

auroMATIC 570

New solar control: auroMATIC 570

  • Complements any existing heating system with an autonomous control of the solar-assisted water heating, backup heating and heating swimming pools
  • Flexible use for up to two collector fields and two storage or a memory and a swimming pool
  • High comfort due to individually adjustable daily and weekly programs and additional functions
  • Always well informed by the display of the operating state and the solar yield on the display
  • Control of foreign peak load devices


Powerful and good-looking non-condensing gas floor-standing boiler

  • Output versions 65, 75, 85, 115, 130, 150 -160kW
  • Pro-E system (plug connectors system)
  • Can be combined with Vaillant solar systems and controls
  • Low emission level
  • DIA-system (electronic diagnostic system)
  • Various expansion modules available for various control application.
  • Remote zone controls and direct heating circuit
  • Two mixed circuit, e.g. compensated heating
  • An indirectly heated hot water cylinder.
  • A hot water secondary re-circulation pump.
  • eBus communication through VRC 630 boiler management control.