ecoTEC pure

ecoTEC pure

Well-being on demand.
  • 100% Vaillant quality for high performance
  • High energy and cost saving potential
  • Sustainable. Durable. Reliable.
  • up to 30% more efficient than older devices, ideally suited for replacing old non-condensing wall –hung boilers
  • superb price-performance ratio

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ecoTEC pure


ecoTEC pure - a modern heating and domestic hot water solution in its pure form.

All condensing boilers of Vaillant combine the latest technology with reliability in the high quality of German engineering – from more than 140 years of experience. Confirmed by over 6 million installed ecoTEC devices around the world.

  • High performance at up to 30% energy savings compared to older devices
  • Various output sizes available, as depending on the requirements
  • Seamless integration into existing systems as well as possible upgrading of single boilers with a wide range of Vaillant products and accessories
  • Proven technology meets Ecodesign according to new EU directives
  • eBUS interface for the smart use of Internet-based controllers
Features for ecoTEC pure

Out put range – 24-28 kW

Efficiency upto  94 % H/ 109 % Hi
For modernization, as in new building ecoTEC pure is a future-proof solution.
Lower energy consumption/energy costs and higher efficiency

Aqua-Power-Plus enables an up to 21 % power boost for water heating with ecoTEC pure

Comfort backup Mode with ecoTEC pure
High efficiency pump reduces energy usage and creates lower standby losses.
Proven design, tried and tested components.
Efficient electronic gas-air mix system ELGA, optimized combustion.
Enables lower emissions, more sparing of environmental resources
Simple installation.
Good access to all components.
With illuminated plain text display
New structure of the appliance interface developed with end-customers and installers 
Quiet boiler operation.
Simple combination with heat pumps and solar systems

Advance modulation during periods of low heat demand (e,g. 1-2 radiators on) ensures low energy consumption and maximum efficiency

Complete control range from simple on/off up to weather compensating controls

eBus connection.