ecoTEC pro
ecoTEC pro – simply complete
  • Highly efficient and economical to run: Efficiency upto 94 % Hs / 109 % Hi
  • Saves upto 30% on energy cost.
  • Modulation range 15% - 100% - Continuous automatic combustion.
  • Built in 2 stage frost protection to ensure optimal performance all year
  • Less energy consumption in terms of gas and power.
  • Fewer CO2-emmission, environmental friendly.

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ecoTEC pro


The ecoTEC pro gas-fired wall hung condensing boilers are the first choice among wall-hung boilers: They takecare  both the household budget and the environment by saving on everything – except on comfort. The proven ecoTEC pro is the ideal solution for smaller heating needs. It is especially lightweight and compact, and yet offers a surprisingly high hot water output. The ecoTEC pro‘s high quality is now demonstrated by new design and new technology. Its automatic combustion control, a new pneumatic gas-air mix system ensure high energy efficiency. The new appliance concept and the new easy to read interface with backlit display make the installation, maintenance and operation easier than ever.

The latest generation of the ecoTEC works even more efficiently than before, and is therefore even more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, it is even easier to handle and operate. So you can relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling of safe heat any time.

Thanks to modern condensing technology, which also utilises the heat contained in the flue gas water vapour, the ecoTEC has achieved a standard efficiency (LHV) of 109 %, and in hot water operation an exceptionally high 104 %. So it sustainably saves up to 30 % on energy costs compared to a conventional heating system.

Thanks to modulating the burner by continuous automatic combustion control, the ecoTEC matches its output to the heating needs. This ensures the large modulation range from about 15 % to 100 % of maximum output for maximum efficiency: The ecoTEC never consumes more energy than it needs to, even at low loads. In addition, its combustion is always optimal; it requires less new starts and will operate stress-free for its entire lifespan.

Heating needs are fulfilled by simply pressing a button or simply turning a knob, and warm water flows whenever you need it. The new control concept was developed in cooperation with Vaillant customers so that the ecoTEC is intuitive in the new application interface as well as with a new Vaillant system control: The control system is modular and expandable thanks to eBUS electronics.

Features for ecoTEC pro
Out put range – 18-30 kW
Efficiency upto  94 % Hs / 109 % Hi
Lower energy consumption/energy costs and higher efficiency 
For modernization, as in new building ecoTEC pro is a future-proof solution
Pneumatic gas-air mix system.
Enables lower emissions, more sparing of environmental resources.
Quiet boiler operation.
Simple installation.
Good access to all components.
With illuminated symbol display
New structure of the appliance interface developed with end-customers and installers. 
Simple combination with heat pumps and solar systems
Complete control range from simple on/off up to weather compensating controls
eBus connection.