Gas water heaters

Innovative Ideas for warm water - Vaillant Gas Water Heaters atmoMAG and turboMAG

Since the invention of heating and warm water production, Vaillant has been leading the way in development and innovation.

Our gas water heaters (the revolutionary Vaillant Geysers) have been around since 1894. We were the first manufacturer to produce an appliance for hygienic hot water generation with adjustable water temperature control. Since then we have strived to continuously improve our appliances. Today Vaillant is market leader for heating system technology. 110 years after the first Geyser, Vaillant offers you a new generation of gas water heaters, our atmoMAG and turboMAG series: premium quality, modern design, high reliability, user-friendly handling and longevity. Today, just as in the past, by buying a Vaillant you are buying the highest possible level of quality, outstanding convenience, maximum efficiency and safety.