140 Years of Vaillant Brand

Dubai 04-13-2014

For over 140 years Vaillant has been leading the way in the development of domestic and commercial heating and hot water technology. As a renowned global family owned company, we have pioneered products that have revolutionized the heating industry. Today, our innovative solutions are still setting the standards in the commercial heating market place; whether it’s our large output wall hung boilers, with the ability to install into a cascade formation, or our commercial renewable solutions including Solar Water Heating Systems and heat pumps, capable of providing heating and hot water to large scale commercial applications. All are designed to push Vaillant to the forefront of technology.

Vaillant is not only looking forward in terms of its products. For just about as long as we’ve been creating appliances
that transform the heating industry, we’ve also been focusing on developing better and more productive relationships with you, our customers.

That’s because we know that the partnerships we establish with specifies, consultants, engineers and installers are key to our continued future success – and the success of our partners’ businesses. The commercial industry’s most advanced heating solutions go hand in hand with the industry’s most developed and forward thinking service solutions.

At Vaillant there’s an unwavering commitment to providing service excellence before, during and after the installation of the Vaillant appliance. In fact we look after the project from conception to solution and, through our service back up, afterwards as well. These combined objectives – to deliver the best products and to provide the best service to you – are the twin driving forces that keep Vaillant out in front as Middle East market leading water heating technology manufacturer with its innovative Solar Water Heating Systems.